Dr. Tony

Dr. Tony Hampton MD, MBA, CPE
AOS/Beverly Medical Director
Vice-Chair AMG Governing Council
Co-Chair Advocate Diversity Council

About 1 year ago, I realized that my organization's operational improvement team did not have physician leadership as part of the team. A few months after this observation, I was asked to become a medical director for the Advocate Operating System (AOS). I immediately noticed something was different. The members of the AOS team seemed to work together with each team member's voice getting just as much respect as more senior team members. I also noticed that every time a pilot was done for process improvement, there was a sense that there will need to be further improvements and the pilot was just the starting point. The most striking aspect of the AOS team was that whenever we embarked on problem solving, they insisted we go to where the work was being done to ensure we truly understood what the root cause to the problem was. This sparked my curiosity, so I asked my VP to provide additional education about what the AOS philosophy was grounded in. He gave me a bag of books and two of them caught my attention. The classic Toyota Production System by Taiichi Ohno and The Toyota Way by Jeffrey Liker. After reading these and a few other books, my thirst for more about Toyota only grew greater. Although, by “being in the work”, I intuitively knew I would eventually learn all I needed to become an effective leader following Toyota principles, being a full time physician, I knew it might take some time. So I embarked on the journey to get a Black Belt and after consideration of the courses available, Jeffrey Liker's course with George Trachilis was the most compelling primarily because it came with personal coaching. I was not disappointed! The course allowed me to review Jeffrey's lectures virtually as often as I needed to and the coaching with George Trachilis allowed me to fully understand where I had holes and needed to improve. I never fully understood why a coach would be so important, but I fully get it know. Rather being accountable to someone or getting another perspective on ways to approach a challenge I faced, the principles taught in Jeffrey and George's course have been life changing. Not just professionally but personally as well. Rather how I interacted with my team at my local clinical site, during executive level meetings in the board room, or even in my personal relationships, coaching has been invaluable. I have improved my relationship with my clinical team members since my personal project was to personally meet all 120 of them. My personal life has benefited as well since my larger project focused on work life-balance. Consider a personal coach if you answer yes to the following questions: Are you interested in gaining an unbiased perspective when faced challenging situations rather at work or at home? Are you facing challenges which require you to be more productive? Do you need someone who can help you stay outward focuses instead of own your own needs? Do you need someone who will keep you focused on your True North goals? Are you looking for someone to provide you support and encouragement? Are you looking for someone to speak the truth when others are not willing to do this? If you are saying yes to these questions, let Jeffry Liker, George, and his team help lay the foundation you will need to be the effective leader you always knew you had the potential to be. All that may be missing is the right course, with the right people, following the right leadership model (Toyota).

Perry Thompson

Perry Thompson
Lean Executive Director

“I cannot say enough about the leadership training program these gentlemen have put in place. I contacted the Lean Leadership Institute after exploring their website from a random web search on lean leadership. I was intrigued because I saw that Jeff Liker was part of this training resource. I have read a few of his books and have lead a few study action group sessions using his books.
My interest was peaked so I called… my first contact was with George Trachilis and that was the start of something fabulous and profound on my own personal lean journey. I see lean leadership through a whole new set of lens now.
This is a very exciting and unique training and coaching approach and experience that puts the trainee and his coach right into the middle of the  trainees everyday work life learning and solving problems together. The cost of this program is well worth the investment of our company to develop true lean leadership within our corporation and all our organizations.
George Trachilis is a fantastic coach and mentor. He can coach you right where you are at in your lean journey and take you miles further than you thought you could go by challenging you everyday with real problem solving that matters to you and your company.
Want to stay ahead of the competition… want to learn to think and approach problem solving like a true lean leader? You need to sign up LLI for their leadership program today!
Thank you.