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OEM Principles of Lean Thinking 2nd Edition by George Trachilis (Bulk Pack of 50 Copies) **Bulk Orders only. Lesser quantity purchases can be made via Amazon**

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This is the revised, Second Edition of the companion text of the Principles of Lean Thinking online course by the Lean Leadership Institute.  

What exactly does this book teach people? Lean Principles for people in all areas of businesses, the 5 Principles of Lean Thinking originate from the Toyota Production System.  

How is this book relevant or useful for that segment of the workforce? This book will identify with your customers current challenges in business. It begins with a review of what your business practices are currently and then it asks that you identify WASTEFUL activities in your position. About 95% of all workplace activities will be considered WASTE from a customer's perspective. YES, 95%. This recognition empowers and teaches the student practical processes and improvements for positive change.  

How advanced is the book? The "101" suggests it is a basic intro to the principles of Lean manufacturing, but it goes further than what someone could find in Wikipedia or in a basic Lean book. This book uses real life situations. By looking at real people describe their real workplace dilemma, this book assists the reader with the ability to recognize how similar their workplace situation is to the examples provided. 

Languages Available: English 

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