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Developing Lean Leaders at all Levels

dllaal“What is real lean leadership? Dr Liker could not have made it more clear. How do you develop lean leaders at all levels? Read this book and you will never again wonder why you don’t have amazing lean leadership in your organization. Embrace Dr Liker’s crystal clear insight and be prepared for a total leadership transformation.”

Paul Akers, President, FastCap
Author, 2 second Lean & Lean Health

“Lean Thinking has evolved considerably over the past twenty years, which is part of its appeal, and is now emerging as a fully formed leadership and management approach. In this very practical “how to” manual Dr. Liker touches both upon the newest and hottest topics of lean thinking.”

Michael Balle, Co-author of The Gold Mine, The Lean Manager, and Lead with Respect

“Dr. Jeffrey Liker has done it again!  Jeff has leveraged extensive research on Toyota to describe an approach to lean leadership development that will surely stand as a landmark in understanding what it takes to create a successful lean transformation.  The approach described in Developing Lean Leaders at All Levels is presented in a simple, approachable, practical way. The framework and methods Jeff reveals are aligned with today’s best models of leadership, learning, and world class operational excellence.”

Jeff Fuchs, Manufacturing Excellence Award Assessor
The Association for Manufacturing Excellence

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We provide the highest quality and most economical education and support for developing Lean leaders and improving organizational performance.

(LLI) offers an innovative way to learn the secrets of lean leadership through an online education model that is itself lean, and extends that lean education far beyond the course materials to learning by doing with a coach.

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