To be the global standard for Leadership Development, where leaders can find and discover anything they may require in their pursuit of continued development.


We strive to offer our client the highest valued services, the best available selection, and the utmost convenience.

Business Overview

We know our vision to be the global standard for Leadership Development is no small endeavor; however, with a comprehensive strategy and global, proficient team, we can achieve it.
First, our processes are built and constantly re-aligned to deliver greater value by applying the latest methodologies, materials, and delivery in ways that are meaningful to our clients. We work to both understand the opportunity and develop capability in your team to address it, resulting in sustainable solutions and self-replicating behavioral changes.
In parallel, we partner with thought leaders to develop new ideas and new applications of proven methodology through programs, events, and publications. We license and certify coaches and consultants all over the world, supported by regional leaders, to live and teach these ideas. This extensive team is highly skilled, having met strict acceptance, development, and certification criteria; and diverse, with varied functional, industry, educational, and methodology backgrounds.
Finally, we recognize that no matter how refined the process or how capable the team, there is always room to improve. Our C2C Feedback Model engages a secondary coach or consultant to ensure the quality of deliverables to the client, as a mechanism to identify potential process enhancements, and as an objective evaluation to aid the lead in identifying development opportunities.
Excellence in each of these areas is imperative not only to the accomplishment of our mission, but also to embodying the same values we aspire to share with the world.

Our Founders

George Trachilis / Co-Founder

Shingo Prize Recipients

Jeffrey Liker

Jeffrey K. Liker / Co-Founder

Our Process

Our mission succeeds through the differentiation of our process, the caliber of the people executing it, and the quality systems that guide them. The following is a generalized overview of that process, including its commonality across a range of services. 

This process is initiated only after appropriate commitments are made and client participation is demonstrated. Senior leaders must support the methodology being followed and the development focus being provided. Students must be ready to commit to self-development. Any activity not meeting these fundamental prerequisites will not contribute to our mission and actively undermines our philosophies; it will not be pursued.

For improvement to be meaningful, it must be sustainable. The understanding and capability to operate and build on affected systems and processes must reside within your team. The only way to effectively achieve this is through structured and effective Coaching.

Our coaching-centric model ultimately influences everything we do, from our pre-course assessments to our C2C Feedback Model ensuring quality and continuous improvement system across all services. The same methodology and rationale applied to developing personnel in your organization is used by us internally to develop LLI team members at all levels. It’s just common sense; why would we ask you to believe in a system that we did not use ourselves?